We request that all players observe golfing etiquette, replace divots on the fairways and tees and smooth out footprints on the greens after their plays.

Play on the course is handicap-restricted: only those with a handicap of 36.0 or below may play.
We kindly request that players not enter the driving range from hole number 1, for their own safety.
Your play and presence on the Gray Bear golf course is at your own risk.

Local rules

  1. Play time for nine holes is 2 hours 15 min., for eighteen holes is 4 hours 30 min.
  2. Free relief
    2.1: Free relief is allowed on all maintenance roads on the course
    2.2: Walls on the course are declared as immovable obstructions – free relief is allowed – “rule 24 – 2b”.
    2.3: Blue stakes define ground under repair – it is forbidden to play in this area. Free relief is according to “rule 25-1”.
    2.4: Protection of small trees until 1 club-length high: you may drop without penalty within 1 club-lengths of the nearest point of relief not nearer the hole. The player has to pick up the ball and with impunity drop in line according to rule 24-2b.
  3. Out of bounds (is defined by white stakes) – driving range on the left side of the number 1, holes 3, 9 and 18 – putting green and chipping green, hole 11 – fence on the right side of the fairway and behind the green, hole 18 – road and parking place on the left side of the fairway.
  4. BIOZONE – water hazard. Hole 9 – part of the water hazard defined by red stakes with black top is considered as a biozone – water hazard. Entering and playing from this area is penalised by two strokes for breaching the local rule. Player is allowed to take relief according to rule 26-1 water hazard. Player might be removed from the golf course by marshall in case of repeated breach of the rule.
  5. All sprinkle heads
    5.1: They are marked in meters indicating distance to the centre of the green
    5.2: Green stakes with 1 white stripe – 100 m, with 2 white stripes – 150 m, with 3 white stripes – 200 m. Green stakes are declared as immovable obstructions – it is forbidden to manipulate with them. Free relief according to rule 24-2.
    5.3: According to rule 14-3, players may obtain distance information by using a device that measures distance only.
  6. Stones in sand bunkers – are considered as movable obstructions “rule 24-1”.
  7. In convenience of fluent play, players are obliged to play provision ball everytime the ball is in the high rough.

Carts rules

  1. Ride the golf carts carefully and safely; take care to avoid damaging the grass on the golf course.
  2. More than two people riding on a cart at the same time is prohibited.
    operated by players’ caddies.
  3. Golf carts must not be operated by persons unaware of how to safely operate and handle them.
  4. Golf carts must not be operated by persons younger than 16 years of age.
  5. Golf carts must not be operated by players’ caddies.
  6. While operating the golf cart, stay as much as possible on the pavement and observe the directions shown on signs around the golf course.
  7. Golf carts are prohibited to be taken into the following areas, whether marked as such by signs or not:
    – over inclined surfaces or sloping greens, tees or sand hazards,
    – closer than 10 metres to the tee,
    – closer than 30 metres to the green,
    – in all unmowed grass areas,
    – over wet sections of the course.
  8. In places where there is no pavement, golf carts should be ridden over low-mowed surfaces (fairways), with the exception of entering the greens. The directions shown on signage and in the preceding points of the riding rules should also be observed (especially the 30 m distance from the green). At the green the player must park at an appropriate spot in the direction of the next tee. From here the player shall walk to the green on foot, play his hole and then continue on.
  9. Players (operating golf carts) who do not follow the vehicle operating rules shall lose their ability to use motorised carts on the Gray Bear course during their future games.
  10. The six-seat sightseeing golf carts may only be driven on the paved sections of the golf course. They are prohibited all entry to grassed areas on the course.
  11. Golf carts marked with flags are not available to golfers, and special operating rules apply to them.
  12. In exceptional cases, taking motorised carts on the golf course may be prohibited.

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