PLAYING TIME FOR 9 HOLES: 1 hour 10 min /3 balls/; 1 hour 40 min /4 balls/.


a) Protection either of small trees under 1 club-length high or trees attached to a supportive stake for interference with a player´s stance, position of the ball or the area of intends swing,     

b) Damage that is clearly identifiable as having been caused by animal hoofs is ground under repair from which free relief is allowed under Rule 16.1. But on the putting green, as an additional option, such damage may be repaired under Rule 13.1.

     c) All areas indicated by white line or blue stakes.

     d) French drains (small stone filled drainage trench).

     e) Seams of turf covering drainage trenches and other temporary turf repair in the standard area.

     f) Light pillars.       

3.   OUT OF BOUNDS /Rule 27-1/

  1. Hole1 /red/ and 9 /white/ – edge of asphalt troad 
  2. Hole 2 /red/ and 8 /white/ – edges of asphalt road 
  3. Hole7 /red/ and 2,3 /white/ – edge of asphalt road 
  4. Hole 6 /red/ – edge of asphalt and sand road 

Play and occurence on the golf course Little Bear is at one´s own risk.

We ask players for obey the golf ethics rules, replace divots on fairways, fill divots on tees and repair pitch marks on greens. Thank you for your cooperation.

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