Non-competition scores pertain to HCP categories 26.5 – 36 and 37 – 54.
The fee for preparation of scores is 6 € per player.

Registration process for non-competition scores:
1. players register for their round at Gray Bear reception (those playing for non-competition scores as well as accompanying players)
2. the player must have an HCP of exactly 26.4 or lower
3. non-competition rounds are played from the white tees for 18 holes
4. score card must be turned in to Gray Bear reception after the game (last start time for non-competition scoring is 1pm)
5. scores will be recorded and evaluated on the SKGA website

Non-competition scores for players and clubs
Based on a Board resolution of 24 July 2007, starting on 1 August 2007 application may be made for a change of “Non-competition score” HCP upon compliance with the HCP terms of EGA and SKGA:

18. NON-COMPETITION SCORES (EGA HCP system issued 20 January 2007)
18.1 The national association may adapt and determine requirements important in relation to non-competition scores.
18.2 A non-competition score is a Stableford score achieved during a game under handicap terms in a competition other than a qualifying competition. Non-competition scores achieved in compliance with the application of points 18.3, 18.4 and 18.5 are applicable for determining handicaps.
18.3 A player may designate a score as a non-competition score only in the event that it was achieved on a course evaluated by the national association.
18.4 Only players in handicap categories 5 and 6 may apply non-competition scores to the determination of their handicap.
18.5 Non-competition scores are calculated for determination of handicap only if the player registers the round at the club secretariat (course reception) prior to starting the round. The club is required to register the result on the SKGA server on the day the round was played. The results card must contain the following information required for tournaments by the national association:
a. date round played
b. name of scorer (or one of the players), maximum exact HCP 26.4
c. player´s EGA exact handicap
d. player´s EGA play handicap
e. set of tees used
18.6 The player must also show the data required under point 18.5 on his results card ticket and must return the results ticket signed by the scorer and the player.
18.7 If after registering a round, the player fails to return his results ticket, NO RETURN shall be recorded for purposes of handicap determination.
18.8 SKGA limits the number of non-competition scores in a calendar day to one (1). A player´s exact handicap shall not be reduced to handicap category 4 or below based on non-competition scores.

EGA handicap definition:
HANDICAP CONDITIONS are fulfield if:
• stipulated round is played on the golf course of the affiliated club
• stipulated round is played on a measured course and lenght of 18 holes is at least 2750m.
• course is verified by national association in accordance with USGA course rating system
• lenght of the particular course in not changed more than 100m in comparison with official course measures
• stipulated round is played in accordance with Rule of Golf edited by R&A Rules Limited and local rules of a particular course
• forms of stroke play, bogey, par and stableford competitions are practicable in case of full handicap allowance (= 100% x EGA playing handicap) only
• a result is recorded by a marker

12.12. Competition Stableford Adjustment

Slovak Golf Association approved a subsidiary implement (10% clause) to preserve players hendicap in case of wanting playing conditions in which stipulated round is played. This figure is based on players efficiency in Slovakia and it is synchronised with czech server so that there would be mutual possibility to record results upon handicap evaluation. The implement is obligatory and its purpose is to compensate irregular and severe playing conditions, significantly different form standard, that might affect results and consistent handicap adjustment wrongully.
In case of less than 10% of buffer zone results or better in a stipulated round, there is no general handicap raising. This clause regards to EGA exact handicap 36 and less. Club handicaps (37-54) are not liable to this clause and are not included in 10% set of players used for calculation. Club handicaps do not raise even in case of result worse than a buffer zone. This clause regard to a tournament stipulated round providing at least 10 participating players with EGA handicap in a competition.

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